This logo was crafted for a Filipino Martial Arts club, drawing on the rich cultural and martial traditions of the Philippines. It features symbolic elements significant to Filipino heritage and martial arts, primarily focusing on the rattan stick techniques derived from ancient sword practices. The design integrates aspects of the Philippine national flag to honor its origins, including the triangle that is both a central motif in the art and a key element of the flag. To meet the client’s vision of a dynamic sports logo, the design employs bold lines and a modern, stylized font.

I was commissioned to rejuvenate the corporate identity of Aquadesign Inc. The client aimed to transform their outdated logo into a contemporary visual representation. Retaining a sense of continuity, I preserved the distinctive “wave” element from the original logo, enhancing its design in the new logo. To complement the updated wave form, I selected a cleaner, more modern font. Additionally, I integrated a secondary water motif that resembles a drop of water encircling the logo, effectively marrying the elements to project a fresh, innovative brand image.

This logo was developed for the launch of a new product by CANAMOULD Extrusions Inc., featuring a foam insulated exterior cladding system with a woodgrain finish. The design challenge was to visually represent the primary components of the product—foam and woodgrain. The final logo creatively integrates these elements, capturing the essence of the product while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.

Fast Access Financial, a provider of financial services, sought to modernize their brand to better reflect their dynamic approach. They aimed to incorporate the first letter from the first two words of their name as the central theme of their new logo. This design choice highlights the initials “F” and “A” to create a memorable and impactful visual identity that stands out in the competitive financial marketplace, symbolizing speed and accessibility in their services.

This logo was created for a startup dedicated to acquiring established forum communities and monetizing their traffic. The design prominently features speech bubbles, symbolizing the dynamic exchanges and interactions among community members. These elements visually communicate the essence of forum activities—ongoing dialogue and engagement. The design not only captures the lively nature of community discussions but also underscores the startup’s focus on leveraging active communication channels for business growth.

The owner of a charter yacht company, with operations based in Florida and origins in Canada, desired a brand identity that was both playful and reflective of their unique background. To achieve this, the logo design incorporates an image of a gecko adorned with a scarf, symbolizing a blend of Floridian warmth and Canadian charm. A playful yet minimalist font complements the imagery, creating a fun and inviting visual identity that effectively communicates the company’s personality and heritage.


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